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Don't Bloom Where You are Planted. Transplant.

So, I went to an LGBTQ inclusive medical office today. 
I'll be honest it is still the weirdest feeling for me to be openly accepted and validated as a queer person. I still felt like I had to tip toe around sexual topics and questions I had. Sex ed growing up was straight sex ed, and they promoted abstinence. They did not prepare you for reality. It was such a foreign experience being accepted on that level. Sometimes I feel like me being accepted as a queer person is wrong because it is the opposite from what I got growing up in the LDS church. Gay is wrong and I should not be so comfortable with myself. I should not seek pure joy outside of the LDS church. I should not find someone to spend the rest of my life with. I should “choose to be straight”. God will not love me or support me if I love a man. I’ll be seen as dirty. A sexual deviant. President Dallin H Oaks and the rest of the revelators think that my life is one big grievous sin. I am a lost sheep who has been deceived b…

Burning “Ex-Gay” Books of My Past

Hello fellow humans 😍

As many of you know, I am currently in a two year therapeutic community for drug and alcohol treatment. I'm open about it. I have no shame in the fact that I have needed help. One of the beautiful things about this program is this letter you have to write about the worst time in your addiction, and what were some things that lead up to your substance abuse. You have to open up and put your balls to the wall. Really open up your old wounds and tell the 50 guys here everything about yourself so they can get some insight into what your life was like before coming into the program. It has been about a year since I read that letter in front of everyone who is in the program with me. After my last blog post I began reminiscing on that time, and I realized how much of a turning point it was in my program.

(Side note: I know there are some good parts of the LDS church. It’s not all bad. But maybe that’s a bit Stockholm syndrome(ish) of me. And no. My whole life wasn’…

Letter to Latter Day Saint (Mormon) Parents

**Rant time**
Dear Latter Day Saint (Mormon) parents, 
I know you want the best for your kids. You have been given these "guidelines" for how the perfect family should look, and act. So when your kids go off that course at all, it is problematic for you. Your white picket fence has been ripped apart. You feel like you are losing your spirit babies. However that is not everyone else's reality. That is yours. Your kids should not have to live up to your expectations. 
If your kid watches porn a couple times they are not a porn addict. No matter what your bishop may tell you. Your kids will watch porn and they will probably masturbate because lets be honest, everyone does. If your kid